Special Plan for The Protection and Reform of The Historic Site of San Fernando (Cádiz)
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Special Plan for The Protection and Reform of The Historic Site of San Fernando (Cádiz)

The urban image of the historical ensemble of San Fernando is constituted by two associated factors: 


• On the one hand “the URBAN LANDSCAPE“, consisting of streets, squares and public space in general and the way it is presented to us. Including paving materials, colors, textures, street furniture, etc. “THE VOID” of our object of protection. 

• On the other hand, “CONSTRUCTIVE MORPHOLOGY“, the buildings that delimit and make up that public space. The constructions constitute the “FULL” or positive urban plot. In such a way that what is not construction, is free space. 

Therefore, the urban image that we try to value and protect is constituted by an “ALL” in which the quality of the building that makes up this space, the characteristics of the urbanization and the URBAN SCENE generated by the INTERRELATION of the previous elements to which we must add a decisive factor: the SOCIOLOGICAL that encompasses the resident population and the socioeconomic activities that take place in these spaces.