Los Villares Urban Development Plan. Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)
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Los Villares Urban Development Plan. Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)

Nowadays, the solution to the residential problem in the contemporary city from the perspective of public control must not respond exclusively to create the conditions that allow access to decent housing of the social strata traditionally displaced in the urban space. This is a necessary condition, but not enough. RESIDENTIAL ACTIONS must also, in application of SUSTAINABILITY CRITERIA, incorporate a PEDAGOGICAL and exemplary DIMENSION which implies providing solutions on the following basic aspects:

1. The creation of residential urban spaces of SUITABLE ENVIRONMENTAL CHARACTERIZATION and balanced urban scene, injecting arguments of urban culture

2. Promote the TYPOLOGICAL DIVERSITY AND THE TEXTURE USES in the new residential spaces as basic budgets of sustainability and ecological balance.

3. QUALIFICATION OF THE RESIDENTIAL OFFER, expanding in an imaginative and innovative way the concept of “housing subject to some protection regime” trying, with this, to incorporate a large percentage of the population (lease purchase agreement, regulated housing prices, housing adapted to dependent persons).

4. Design an APPROPIATE PROGRAMMING of actions in the field of equipment

5. Help to build a city model that meets the priority objective of creating QUALITY CITIES at the service of citizens

6. The new urban development must be conceived as an AUTHENTIC NEIGHBORHOOD with all the services and activities that allow to achieve an identification of its inhabitants with their neighborhood.