Studies Related to the Promotion Of Eco-Neighbourhoods. The case of “Marchane” Eco-Neighbourhood in Tangier. Morocco
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Studies Related to the Promotion Of Eco-Neighbourhoods. The case of “Marchane” Eco-Neighbourhood in Tangier. Morocco

The Project for the Econeighbourhood Marchane, proposes the intervention on a residential district of Tanger city near the old Medina and the Port, UNDER THE CRITERIA OF SUSTAINABILITY, SOCIAL BALANCE AND URBAN-ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY. The proposal of urban transformation is based on three main axes or lines of action:

  1. A new functional organization of the neighborhood is proposed, based on the road HIERARCHY and the REINFORCEMENT OF THE MULTIMODALITY. Proposals are made for improvement of accesibility and internal connectivity as well as suggestions for redevelopment in order to consolidate a road network of COEXISTENCE with pedestrian priority and growth of PUBLIC SPACE for non-motorised modes.
  2. Interventions are proposed to REVITALIZE THE NEIGHBORHOOD and RECOVER THE LOCAL SPHERE, based on the addition of new installations and multifunctional building. It is also focus on the creation of CENTRALITIES and promotion of craft and industrial activities compatible with residential fabric and on the DYNAMIZATIONof the existing local network.
  1. The proposal of Eco-neighborhood’s promotion redefines the role of the existing public space, to generate URBANITY SPACESand SOCIAL COHESION, in two different scales, at the urban parks level, but above all, at the level of NEIGHBORHOOD PARKS. Thus, it infiltrates a small network of public spaces in the residential fabric at the service of the residents. The focus is on the IMPROVEMENT OF THE URBAN METABOLISM, and similarly it proposes measures and programs destined to promote GOOD PRACTICES INCONSUMPTION ANDRESOURCE MANAGEMENT.