Algeciras Urban Plan (Cádiz)
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Algeciras Urban Plan (Cádiz)

The main purpose of the Plan is to solve the current problems of the City, inherited and accumulated, as a result of an advanced speculative process. However, the Plan itself goes beyond SOLVING PROBLEMS, it also proposes A POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION PROJECT for the City.

Regarding the strategy, it should not be based on abstract principles. It must be a CONTENT strategy established and based on the thorough KNOWLEDGE OF THE CITY, of urban reality and its problems. Furthermore, this strategy should be built on well-known and corroborated trends, and on its role as CENTRAL CORE AND HEAD OF THE REGION OF THE GIBRALTAR COUNTRYSIDE.

It must not be forgotten that the Plan is ONE for the entire city and not a combination of plans. Of course, it is not a matter of modifying the territorial model by transforming the Spanish locations of the different settlements and activities rather, it is to “UNITE THE CITY”, improving and consolidating it in order to improve citizen quality of life, all this by using the necessary transformations in each individual zone and respecting the traditional characteristics. The strategy comes from a position adopted by the municipality in which must be explicitly included that: the Plan prioritise the common interests over the privative ones and serve as a SUPPORT to solve inherited problems.