General Urban Development Plan for El Puerto de Santa María
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General Urban Development Plan for El Puerto de Santa María

This plan as “CITY PROJECT” formed around a DECALOGE of proposals:


1.- The metropolitan approach: the recognition of the metropolitan reality that derives from the presence of the city within the framework of the Bay of Cadiz-Jerez is crutial when it comes to enunciate the new urban-terrotorial model.


2.- The urban rebalancing: the new plan is a plan of rebalancing which seeks to disseminate infrastructure and equipment equitably.


3.- The urban and territorial preservation: the new plan stands up for natural and built heritage from an interdisciplinary perspective, facing the deterioration from the right to the city.


4.- The plan to define and accomplish a public housing policy: diversification of the housing supply by expanding types and forms and allowing the access to the demand of all social strata.


5.- The maintenance of a fair balance between residential and non-residential purposes, essential component of richness, diversity and complexity of urban reality.


6.- Te commitment to maintain and enhance existing employment by diversifying the supply and services of the economic activities.

7.- The general reconsideration of the communication infrastructures, reconstructing the urban model that incorporates them and gives them a sense.

8.- An important effort in the city’s organic systems: basic infrastructure, new sectoral studies and managing schemes for the development of this functional networks supporting services.

9.- The new plan assumes the necessity to intervene in the processes of illegal building which consumes and contaminates soils and resources.

10.- The effective management enhancing the urban, legal, administrative and technical instruments which belong intrinsically to the urban plan.